Monday, September 12, 2011

Girls of Fall!

What a great summer... and, what a great blessing to have our children back in school again!! I don't know about y'all, but summer flew by!!! It just seems like yesterday that I wrote my first post on the Beginning of Summer!! I truly did not want summer to end, but then those last few days (maybe weeks) seemed to have taken FOREVER!

But, now it is quiet! At least until 3:00 pm (and right now while I am typing away at 5:30 am)! And...what have I found myself doing with all my newly found "free time"? SHOPPING!!! And, dreaming!

I titled this "Girls of Fall" because of the show by Kenny Chesney "Boys of Fall". It is one of Darling Husband's favorites to watch (as I do to, being a football fan, as well). If you have not seen it, even if you aren't a fan of the sport, is really is a great documentary, especially if you have a rising football player. But, when I say "Girls of Fall", well...what is our favorite thing to do in Fall...Shopping!!!

With Fall and the lovely weather we had this past week, comes new fashion and new ideas all around! Football games, warm and hearty soups, bourbon and cokes, fishing turns into hunting, shorts turn into jeans, falling of the leaves and the changing of times!!

But, who could not love the rich colors of Fall (especially on jeans now!), a Fall favorite...animal print, soft leathers, plush furs (and fur trimmed), and my favorite...beautiful basic blacks!!!!

These are just a few of My Favorite Looks:

My wallet is jumping out of my handbag for this look!
Shopbop! My go to for everything!
But, my secret...some looks can be recreated or bought from our local stores!!

Love this! Shopbop.

Great Colorblocking - Shopbop!

I must find or travel somewhere to wear this, it is gorgeous!!! Again...shopbop!

Love this look by J Brand available at Sadie's and CK in Fairhope.

Elegantly Casual look from Rag and Bone which is available at East Bay Clothiers in Fairhope.

Look by Elizabeth and James from Shopbop.

More casual colorblocking from Shopbop!

This is just perfect for a date night out (I am thinking around the holidays) or a weekend in New Orleans!!!
Look from Shopbop!

Luxurious Casual!! Shopbop!

Fun, Fun Fun!!!!! Thank you once again Shopbop!!!

This dress and shrug by Gucci is to die for...if I were...maybe...going to the Emmys!!!!
Just had to throw that one in for a Grand Finale!!!

Happy Shopping! More to come!!


Dixie Chic