Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Social...a New Division of Dixie Chic!!!

Hello everyone! Yes, you read the title correctly...I am finally spreading my wings! After a lot of thought, a lot of long conversations with Darling Husband, a lot of praying and thanks to a few VERY PERSISTENT friends and future clients, I have decided to take a leap (or jump) of Faith!!!

I am beginning a new division of Dixie Chic called Social. Social will incorporate elements of planning, styling and design to any event or celebration in your life...big or small! Yes, I somewhat consider myself a reborn professional (my professional and educational background is in Marketing and Design) but I am also an obsessive one! Just ask Darling Husband...once I start on a project or an event, I evolve myself around it to succeed perfection (along with lots of fun) and he gets a lot less hot meals per day! I look at hundreds of amazing images and read beautiful stories and other blogs everyday...did I say that I would love to consider myself a Professional Pinner...without an income! And, I do this on a full-time and sometimes overtime basis...thanks to a lot of java and possibly a glass of wine!!!

I believe the success of an epic Social celebration or simply a small dinner party is measured in how fun it was. I also believe that a small dinner party is much more enjoyable that an expensive night out...with the help of a babysitter and AppleTV! I believe in re-using or up-cycling decor to make Social events more financially friendly and fresh to the clients eye! I believe in partnering with other local vendors to show support to our unique area! I believe that hosting a party or an event is a true side of marketing yourself or the product you are trying to sell or raise money for. I believe a Social occasion should tell a story...somewhat telling the readers a little bit about yourself. It should have them leaving wanting more (or, in Social terms, coming back for more the next year!) So, let the fun start now!!!

I am very blessed to start this adventure with some very special clients already under my belt planning dinner parties, a few Social events and even helping some decorate their homes for the Holidays!!! To find out more information or to talk to me about future Social Planning and Designing please email me at dixiechiconline@gmail.com. Please consider my Pinterest page pinterest.com/thedixiechic and my blog dixiechiconline.blogspot.com as your online source of information!

I will leave you today with one of my favorite quotes, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do!" Steve Jobs.


Dixie Chic

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Waltz to Remember...or Was I Dreaming?

2:30 am

BOOM! I jump about a foot high in the bed. Another thunderstorm in the middle of the night! Seriously! The room lights up from the next big bolt of lightning. One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi...BOOM!

I lay there once again eyes WIDE open! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...just like clockwork. Tap, Tap, Tap on my shoulder.

"Mommy, I heard thummer" and this is just the beginning of my night! My sweet cherub climbs in bed beside me making me the oven roasted turkey to the Darling Husband and Superboy sandwich! And, as usual, they both fall back to sleep...quickly and soundly! Darling Husband on the verge of snoring.

I lay there for what seems like an hour. Thinking. Counting those damn sheep. Thinking again! Reminding myself...I gotta get up earlier than 7:00 am this morning to get the kids to school on time. My inner diva is singing, "Here's my number, So call me maybe" forever stuck in my conscience. I wonder if that is my alter ego just trying to mess with me? Or, maybe it is because that song is WAY overplayed so much that my Superboy knows every word!!!

3:45 am

Finally, I decide to put my wings on and gently rise above the two pieces of Honey Wheat bread surrounding me who are sleeping oh so nicely. I cup my hands under my sweet cherub and scoop him into my arms to move him over to the pillow blanket on the floor that he usually sneaks onto in the middle of the night from his upstairs bungalow.

Wait...where is it? It is usually in the middle of the floor every night. Am I blind? I can't feel it with my feet. Where is a flash of lightning when I need it. This little cherub is getting heavy...Darling Husband still sleeping!

Look for the dog. Dog will be on it!

Ahhh! Over on the side of the bed by the now snoring husband. With my foot, because I have a full sack of Idaho potatoes in my arms, I manage to yank up the heavy pillow blanket, startling the Dog.

What the hell is that? Some "terrible awful" (to quote Minny Jackson) sound coming from my dog. Is he choking? There he goes again. Darling husband finally manages to let out a grown and shuffles around to sit up. Can I get back to counting sheep please?

Flash!! Oh good...I am not blind! One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi, Four Mississippi, Five Mississippi...BOOM! Storm is getting farther away. Am I just dreaming this? Is this a nightmare?

There he goes again...that sound. Darling Husband is now sitting up and turns on the lamp on the bedside table. "What is that?" he questions as if I am suppose to have all the answers at 3:50 in the morning.

Clearly our Dog is choking! We scramble to get the Pillow Blanket out, unleash the cherub who is threatening to wake and get the Dog out of the room.

There he goes again. What in the world? Did I do some kind of magic trick when I tried to yank the blanket from underneath the dog. Why is he all of a sudden choking after he was snoring in unisom with Darling Husband.

Now in the kitchen, Darling Husband and I are violently awake and both questioning what is going on. Dog can't stop with the horendous noise. It keeps going and going...Loudly! I begin to panic. Am I about to see my dog die? Am I about to see my husband cry over one of the precious yet crazy parts of our little life?

Then all of a sudden Darling Husband shoves his rather large, manly hand down Dog's throat. Did I just see that at 4:15 in the morning? He does it again...nothing. The violent sound continues. Again. Nothing. Dog looks at me with sad eyes. Now I am about to cry. We have a love hate relationship...the Dog and I! Dog now jumps on me as if we are about to do The Waltz. Me...why me?

Mommy Mode kicks in. Bread. Maybe he needs something to eat to get whatever is choking him down? Run to the pantry to grab some Honey Wheat (not much left, will have to go out for lunch tomorrow). I start feeding Dog the bread and he wolfs it (pun intended) down. Two pieces and I get a "STOP" from the drill sargent. We wait a few minutes. Seems as though it worked...proud mama! Ok it worked! Good! Back to the sheep...or inner diva singing!

Clean up bread crumbs and grab a glass of water for myself and there it goes again for what seemed like forever! Poor Dog! What is happening? Water...maybe he needs water? My water that was going to bed with me was swiftly being poured down dogs throat. Nothing...he keeps yelping. What to do?

Darling Husband looks at my hand. Ah damn! I know what he is thinking. "Honey, your hand is smaller than mine." And, before he could even ask, he was opening Dog's jaws and my hand was slowly going down his throat to try to de-clutter (for a lack of better words) whatever was going on down there.

Teeth. All I could feel were teeth. Then I believe I went back to that nightmare for the next few seconds. And, then out! My hand is in one piece yet rather slimmy.

Nothing! The noise is still protruding out of my big stubborn Dog's helpless little soul! I try it again. Teeth. Nightmare. Nothing.

More water. More waltzing. More bread. And, he finally stops.

5:45 am.

I finally head back to bed before the munchkins wake up and leave Darling Husband to monitor the Dog. Ah! Finally sleep!

6:15 am

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Again! What is that? Darling Husband's phone alarm in the bathroom. I need about 30 more minutes...kids can eat breakfast in the car on the way to school.

6:45 am

"So, here's my number...Call me maybe" OMG!! What now? Not that song! Of all songs! It's Darling Husband's clock radio on his bedside table. How many alarm's does this man need? I hit it with my fist. And, surprisingly fall back to sleep thinking I can throw in a no-brainer Lunchable for their lunch...I will make them a good dinner!

7:25 am

"Honey, it's time to get up and get the kids going," says Darling Husband. 7:25! Oh crap! Here we go! And, we are off to do it all over again...cup of java in hand and hopefully an afternoon nap in the near future!

Oh, and fyi, you know that annoying tickle you can get in your throat where you can't stop coughing and you think a peppermint is going to do the trick but it never does? Well, apparently dogs can get them, too!! Until the next Waltz!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Bucklet List Completed ...well Almost!!!

What a fantastic summer!! It really could not have been any better!!

Here are a few things from our family summer bucket list, a few we still need to complete and a few we will  continue to do throughout this coming year! This is a compiled list from our entire family (not too hard to figure out which task belonged to which member) and in no particular order!! It got a little creative! Enjoy! We did!

1. Make new friends, but keep the old. We follow this all year round!
2. Plant a garden and actually grow something. This really and truly happened and I was so excited!!!!!
3. Find a way to make Skinny Fried Okra. Whole wheat flour! Okra from my garden :)
4. Make Skinny Pimento Cheese. Some things just need to be all fat! A waisted 20 minutes!
5. Walk around town after dark as a family and see the sights...with a little ice cream!
6. Go on a road trip to a new place! Highly recommend this for every summer, along with a dvd player and lots of books for the ride!
7. Pick fresh blueberries from the tree...and eat a few right out of the palm of your hand!
8. Try to eat all organic!
9. Tell a friend how much your relationship with them means to you!
10. Watch the Olympics and keep track of the Medal Count! Go USA!
11. Learn about a new country! London, of course!
12. Run as a family through sprinklers. Water was so strong it flew one child about 4 feet...giggles from the entire family!
13. Go bowling and wear funky knee socks! Next, midnight bowling...adults only!
14. Draw a Chalk Art family mural on the back porch...and make mommy look extra skinny and beautiful!
15. Take a pottery class for kids and manage not to break anything!
16. See a famous person! Totally happened...someone I had a huge crush on in college! Not so cute now!
17. Organize at least one room in the house...or one drawer!
18. Play putt-putt golf and, in conjunction, realize this could be a new after school activity!!!
19. Clean out the garage. Still has not happened...hint hint Darling Husband!
20. Have a lemonade stand or garage sale and give all the proceeds to charity!
21. Have a water balloon fight!
22. Fly a kite! Each kid had their own kite...each kite got tangled together...each kite then got tangled in the sand dunes...each kite got tangled in the trash!!
23. Make homemade ice cream! Yummy chocolate thanks to Darling Husband!
24. Find a new summer beverage. Fresh Fruit Mint Sangria!
25. Make that Mountain Dew Glow thing on Pinterest! Did not work...need to try again! Any advice?
26. Read a Novel. Does the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy count??
27. Read a chapter book as a family! Not Fifty Shades!
28. Go to Sonic Happy Hour...and NOT get Mozzarella Sticks!
29. Dig for dinosaurs...and find prehistoric worms! Yuck!
30. Pick a date night and act like college kids. Check, check, check!
31. Watch a Sunrise and Sunset. May have a little something to do with the above!
32. Go to a drive-in movie. It rained!
33. Find a new "at home" work-out. I refuse to get babysitters in the summer unless absolutely necessary! Not so successful...had to cut out the pimento cheese but not the Sangria!
34. Build a life size Robot. Not happening!
35. Pet a baby shark. Yep!
36. Go on a kayaking trip/adventure as a family...now that is a work-out!
37. Go oyster diving...waiting until the fall to do this!
38. Go on a family fishing trip and everyone catch something! I had the smallest catch...a baby snapper! We threw it back to it's mommy!
39. Have a family camp out...this occurred in our den...enough said!
40. Go and get inspired at Duh and Ikea! Now my brain is on overdrive!
41. Try some new restaurants! Still have not checked off The Biscuit King, Old 27 Grill, Tru Midtown, the new Gambino's or the new burger joint at The Wharf! Need to do ferris wheel, too!
42. Take the kids to eat at a nice white table cloth restaurant...this occurred several times and with success...thanks to Angry Birds and Stack the States!
43. Take the kids to a great Steakhouse...their favorite meal and our favorite bottle of wine! Darling Husband in his best caveman-like voice says, "These children WILL adapt to our lifestyle!" Thank you again to the brains within Apple Inc.
44. Catch and/or pick an entire meal and cook together! Check, Check, check, several times! I love summer cookin'!
45. Fly in a crop duster...this did not happen, but would be so exhilarating!
46. Make friendship bracelets! Or, buy them! Did both!
47. Make ribbon wands and dance outside to fun music! Very Cute!
48. Attempt to get "Call Me Maybe" permanently brainwashed out of my head!
49. Smile lots and whine (or wine) less...this was a goal for the whole family!
50. Make a photo book of the entire summer to cherish the memories and transfer those thoughts into the upcoming school year!

Until next summer!!


Dixie Chic

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What is Wrong with ME!!!!!

There is something weird going on with me! I don't quite get it. I CAN'T SLEEP!! I go to bed around 10:00 pm (after a glass or two of Pinot with Darling Husband) and then find myself WIDE (ASS) AWAKE around 3:30 or 4:00 am!!! Staring at the dark ceiling, listening to Darling Husband and Dog (I would call him "Damn Dog" but I am going to be nice!) as they harmoniously snore together, while the ceiling fan, which sounds like a small Cessna plane flying around, blows in the background!

It was, no doubt, an all too realistic dream that woke me up. I have had very realistic dreams all my life, (some good and some bad) but lately these dreams have stirred up my head like a blender mixing a very strong frozen Strawberry Margarita! Which I should be grateful for when it comes to creative writing...if I could only get my sleep deprived self out of the bed and get logged in during the wee hours of the morning! I love the creativity (and the escapism) of writing, but I can never seem to find the time lately, except when it is the most inconvenient time possible...WHILE I SHOULD BE SLEEPING!

So, why is it that I get my best ideas while I am bundled up in my amazing, one thousand thread count sheets next to my Darling Husband who hits REM sleep after 10 minutes of closing his eyes? Why do the words flow so easily before the rooster crows? I need my sleep! I am suppose to be sleeping through the night at this point in my life!!! I have children...very active children who are no longer babies...hence the reason I don't have time to scribble down my thoughts during the normal waking hours of the day. Why do I lie wide awake thinking, yet so comfortable and unable to get out of bed, hoping that for the 100th time I attempt to count cuddly little furry sheep, that for some ridiculous reason, it may work! Darling Husband is asleep...sound asleep. And, he admits he is Superman and does not require sleep (sometimes I just want to punch him!). And, finally I ask, why can't I be like a man and come up with some of my best ideas while having sex? Aren't we suppose to be thinking about each other during this time - WHATEVER!! I just don't get it!

What is my problem? I have nothing to be stressed about, nothing emotionally bothering me...my inner goddess is enjoying bliss right now! Some people say it is possibly the tannins in the wine...or so they like to believe! Could it be something I am eating (still no carbs in the diet...or at least not a lot). Maybe it is all the activities that have us going each day that my massive, genius brain can't take it all! Maybe that  inner goddess of mine is telling me I really don't need 8 to 9 hours of beauty sleep per night (I wish that were the case!). Are my dreams too real ...ummm...that would be nice in a few cases?! Or, maybe it's that we (I) just need to take a rest and slow down and start savoring this little thing we call "SUMMER!!" I mean really, where did June go?

Last summer was so easy. We didn't have much planned and it was easy...relaxing! This summer...WAY TOO BUSY!! And, I have missed my little blog! Darling Husband's suggestion, "Don't write such long posts, Honey." Well, sweety, that is not my style, that is for FACEBOOK!! And, it's not that I don't have anything to write (promote, boast or complain) about...this summer has been crazy fun with lots of items from the bucket list checked off (post about the later to come hopefully before the summer ends).

But, I love to write and have silently been writing for quiet some time. Some have recently suggested (thank you for your insightful words and emails - please keep them coming) that I write a book or start a column. God knows I have enough material within our little slice of life for several volumes (and it would not be about all of my delicious Snapper recipes!!). However, the stats of my little blog amaze me every time I check in! Research shows that most people who start a blog only last 3 months until they get bored! I only post about every three months, so there is no boredom here!! There are thousands of blogs on entertaining, decorating, cooking, fashion, etc, etc, etc. and they are fantastic! But, I hope to give you something a little different (besides the ranting of my sleeping habits) and hopefully a little more often, that will maybe make you smile a little. Thanks to all my readers (some from far off places) and I guess to my sleepless nights for all the ideas I now have cuddled up in that massive, genius brain of mine!!

Headed out to grab some Melatonin!!


Dixie Chic

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day!! Not a Shade of Grey!

What a glorious time of year to celebrate the people that I believe make the world go around...Mother's!!You know this if you are one, you know this if you have one! Mother's make it happen...and usually with a beautiful plumped up lip glossed smile on their face!

It's a great season to celebrate Mother's Day! Besides this day being in the month of May (which most of us know is a crazy, hectic month with all the end of the year parties and performances, not to mention all the end of the year gifts), Mother's Day, if one of our biggest supporters Mother Nature is on our side, is usually a fantastic beautiful sunny day! Whether you celebrate it with your family at church, at the country club, at a fantastic local restaurant (paired with a mimosa and a fabulous plate of crab cakes) at the beach (sorry "The Gulf") or the lake, make it a great day! It is the one day of the year that is all OURS! No one elses! We can (usually) make the husband do EVERYTHING we want and they better not complain!

But, if you are a mom like me who learned from a mom like mine, all you want for this one day is peace and happiness! That's it and maybe a kiss on the cheek followed by a crystal champagne flute filled with bubbly and freshly squeezed oj! And, of course my favorite, a cute homemade card from the kids! I remember one year I got a homemade flower vase (last minute styrofoam cup decorated with crayola markers) filled with flowers (maybe a few weeds) from our yard. It was perfect! It is really very simple for most moms like me! If we could only have Mother's Day everyday...yeah right!

And, if you are lucky enough to have a Darling Husband who likes to shower you with gifts to show his appreciation (in my case wrapped in the bag it came in...I'm not complaining), then take a few notes from me. It took Darling Husband a few years and a few failed attempts (once again with a beautiful plumped up lip glossed smile on my face) to realize that sometimes he just needs me to go pick out my gift myself! Not to mention, that sometimes it takes a real tear jearker of a Hallmark commercial to remind him that yes, Mother's Day is this weekend, as he turns to me, smiles and asks, "Have you bought your gift yet?" I kindly reply with that beautiful plumped up lip glossed smile on my face while batting my natural Latissed eye lashes at him, "Yes, Darling, I have!" Don't get me wrong, Darling Husband knows how to pick out a nice gift (he does read my blog) but sometimes he just needs a little extra push in this area!!

There are a few websites that make it very easy for these special occasions! One of my favorites as you all know Shopbop.com. They have devoted an entire Lookbook to our day which includes some of my favorite designers: Genetic Denim, Rag &Bone, Jenni Kayne, Gorjana, Foley + Corinna, Alexis Bittar to name a few. And, who would not spend a little extra time in car line to play on websites such as Lulu Lemon, Sephora, Revolve, Etsy and Pinterest for other great ideas for yourself, as well as, the important mother's in your life!!

Locally, you can't get any better than Debra's with adorable shorts from Alica & Olivia and amazing jewelry by New York designer Kara Ross with other creations by Beje!! East Bay Clothier's has a great assortment of summer denim by Notify and MiH and affordable cool tanks in an assortment of colors. JJ Eyes has been making their Mother's Day wish list for a month so we can all look amazing behind our cool new aviators!! Objects at The Eastern Shore Center has amazing picture frames and beach bags for your place at "The Gulf." Speaking of "The Gulf," have you checked out the newly expanded Lucca...to die for!! Lucca has some great trends for those hot summer concerts. And, anything at MII you can put straight on Darling Husband's credit card...hint hint!! Spa packages at The Grand and The Battle House or services at Clear MedSpa will suffice as well!! And, I hear there are a handfull of women that will sell you the Rodan and Field's Mother's Day Gift Bag. So, tell your husbands (or yourself) to get shopping!!

Oh I forgot one more thing!! Let's not forget, the one thing we all want in our beach bag but may not (or may!) be willing to admit to...the book Fifty Shades of Grey!! I have not gone there yet, but it is on the top of my summer reading list!! From what I hear, if you are too embarrassed to have it out by the pool, GET A NOOK! Does not matter if it is the black and white or color version...just saying!

So, whether your day is full of kisses and homemade cards or if it finds you in a new pair of shades or some sparkly earrings, may every other day, besides Mother's Day, be a shade of grey!!


Dixie Chic