Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boxwood...if only I could...

...move right in!!!! Seriously, everything in this new Fairhope jewel is amazing!!

I had the privilege of visiting Fairhope this past week and stumbled upon this little haven nestled on De La Mare Avenue across from Mr.Gene's Beans and CK Collection.

Boxwood Home and Garden  (also on Facebook) is everything I want in Interior Design and at great prices!! If I weren't on a tight schedule, I simply would have made myself at home and stayed for the day! Fran Cobb, way to go! Custom design work, slip covered pieces, beautiful antiques, rustic outdoor pots, one of a kind lamps, pillows and accent pieces for the water and horse country we live in! Look at the pictures and you will see why!

Driftwood Art is everywhere now, but I still love it!

Even Darling Husband would love this store (one of his favorites places to browse and eventually purchase is Atchison Imports)! This is a must see on our next First Friday Art Walk visit!


Dixie Chic

Fish Overload...Bring on the Meat!

Last Night's Dinner - Filet Kabobs!!! Tonight, Bone-In Pork Chops! Then, back to fish!

Happy Eating!


Dixie Chic

Guilty Summer Pleasure - The Bachelorette!

And, another one bites the dust! Goodbye Constatine! He was a favorite of mine, but maybe a little too good for Miss Ashley!

As far as Miss Ashley goes, she  is a cute girl, but not Chris Harrison's best pick for The Bachelorette!

Now, Darling Husband and I are not fan favorites of this show, but have picked it up this summer! I really prefer to watch it to see all the exotic destinations and creative dates that the producers come up with (hoping that Darling Husband with take note!) because, you know, those dates are so realistic - that is why it is called a reality show!!!

And, poor Ryan, can't take no for an answer! He just wants to be loved! I wonder who picked up that tab for his travels?

But, because of the Presidential Address on the Debt Issue (Circus!), our DVR missed taping the end. Was there a Rose Ceremony? Did the remaining two guys leave, leaving Ashley alone on the alter? Did Ryan try to creep back in again? Is Bentley back?

I guess DH and I will have to wait until next week to get answers to our guilty pleasure!


Dixie Chic

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fish Stories!!

Snapper season is running out! Make room in the freezer, pile all the kids on the boat that you can possibly find (to increase those numbers) and get out there!!!! Don't have a boat, make friends with someone who does...real fast! Don't have any friends with boats, go to your local fish market!!!

I love seeing all the (bragging) pictures on FB of the wonderful summer fishing going on!!! Good memories and great stories (even if some of those are a little exaggerated - you know they are and we have our husbands to blame). But, most of all - Good Eating!!!!

Which brings me to my latest Snapper Recipe. Bear in mind, I kind of threw it together, but Darling Husband loved it!!

Red Snapper with Creamy Polenta, Mushrooms and Lemon Butter Sauce

Two big Snapper fillets skinned and marinated in Olive Oil, Orange Juice and salt and pepper
One Bag of Polenta - I buy Bob's Red Mill Polenta - Publix I think?
Heavy Whipping Cream
1 Cup of Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese (A Fresh Block is the only way to get Parmesan!)
One container of Baby Bella Mushrooms cleaned and sliced
One Stick of Unsalted Butter
Two Large Lemons
Fresh Thyme Sprigs - A handful will do

Cook/Grill your Snapper to your liking. We pan seer it in a Cast Iron Pan for about 4 minutes on each side then broil it, still in the cast iron pan, in the oven until the top is a little crispy. Cook the Polenta as suggested on the packaging (I cooked about a cup and a half for the two of us and there was enough left over for breakfast the next morning!!) and add a little of the Whipping Cream and the Parmesan Cheese to give it a creamy, rich consistency. Saute the Mushrooms in a little olive oil, salt and pepper (I always add a little truffle oil to my mushrooms while they are cooking - Publix again!). Combine the Butter and Lemon in a small sauce pan and cook until the butter is melted stirring every once in a while.

To plate, first spoon on the Polenta in the center of the plate, place the Snapper on top, then sprinkle with mushrooms, drizzle the lemon butter sauce (I tend to pile it on) and top with the Fresh Thyme leaves leaving a few on the sprigs on top for show!!!!

It really is quite tasty, is great for leftovers and will work with any type of good eating fish (Sea Bass, Trigger, Amberjack)! Darling Husband, who is from the South as well, does not care for grits. I don't know what is wrong with him!!! But, if I call it Polenta (which is actually "corn grits") he will eat it!! So, much that his (and my) plate were licked clean!!!!

I will, however, have to brag on my fish story...Darling Husband asked which famous chef takes credit for this meal, and I proudly answered, "Me!"



Dixie Chic

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

Holiday weekends!! If only every day could be a holiday! Family, friends, great food, fun drinks, possibly a new outfit is involved!?! Mornings in the water or in the sand playing with the kids, grilled hot dogs and soggy chips for lunch, late hot afternoons sipping on cocktails while chit-chatting and watching the kids run freely until they start rubbing their little eyes, and finally, at nightfall, having a big beautiful dinner with a smooth bottle of Pinot and watching the starry sky light up with an abundance of magical fireworks!! Oh, how I love a holiday!!!!
I have a wonderful weekend planned! I only hope yours is as amazing as ours will be…wherever you are! Darling husband is, of course, grilling! Kids are ecstatic about the upcoming fireworks! And, I am joyously cooking up a storm in my little ruffled apron (to not mess up one of my cute summer rompers!) Reminder to myself, purchase an apron that says “Kiss the Cook!”
But, how great are holidays, especially summer holidays! It is a wonderful excuse to take a day off of work (if I were still a "working-woman" I would take the whole week!). And, why is it that sometimes holidays are the only time we get together with the ENTIRE family. Some of you may prefer that?! Not going to elaborate on that one!!
Holidays also make a great excuse to eat and drink whatever you wish without worrying about the caloric intake! Go ahead and eat that loaded burger or slab of ribs!!! Drink that Bushwhacker instead of that Ultra! Order that appetizer of Fried Pickles and Ranch (the pickles are a vegetable!) And, don’t even think about passing up on that dessert that looks like an American flag (it’s healthy – 1/4th of it is strawberries and blueberries!!!). Work it off on Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday, depending on how many Bushwhackers you choose to partake upon!! I do not suggest Pilates though, it will come back to haunt you (try a good, long run to make you sweat it out!!!). But, have fun because this holiday, the fourth day of July and our day of declaring Independence, only happens once a year!
Which sadly reminds me that this day also marks the middle of summer, which means that summer is half-way over! Seriously! Half-way over!! Some of you may like the sound of that – meaning the kids being back in school, is just a sling-shot away! I, personally, am saddened! Our summers, here on “The Gulf” are a treasure! And, I look forward to spending every day of the rest of my summer doing just that! Treasuring it!! To be continued!!
Let’s make every day a Holiday!!
Happy 4th!!
Dixie Chic