Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Social...a New Division of Dixie Chic!!!

Hello everyone! Yes, you read the title correctly...I am finally spreading my wings! After a lot of thought, a lot of long conversations with Darling Husband, a lot of praying and thanks to a few VERY PERSISTENT friends and future clients, I have decided to take a leap (or jump) of Faith!!!

I am beginning a new division of Dixie Chic called Social. Social will incorporate elements of planning, styling and design to any event or celebration in your life...big or small! Yes, I somewhat consider myself a reborn professional (my professional and educational background is in Marketing and Design) but I am also an obsessive one! Just ask Darling Husband...once I start on a project or an event, I evolve myself around it to succeed perfection (along with lots of fun) and he gets a lot less hot meals per day! I look at hundreds of amazing images and read beautiful stories and other blogs everyday...did I say that I would love to consider myself a Professional Pinner...without an income! And, I do this on a full-time and sometimes overtime basis...thanks to a lot of java and possibly a glass of wine!!!

I believe the success of an epic Social celebration or simply a small dinner party is measured in how fun it was. I also believe that a small dinner party is much more enjoyable that an expensive night out...with the help of a babysitter and AppleTV! I believe in re-using or up-cycling decor to make Social events more financially friendly and fresh to the clients eye! I believe in partnering with other local vendors to show support to our unique area! I believe that hosting a party or an event is a true side of marketing yourself or the product you are trying to sell or raise money for. I believe a Social occasion should tell a story...somewhat telling the readers a little bit about yourself. It should have them leaving wanting more (or, in Social terms, coming back for more the next year!) So, let the fun start now!!!

I am very blessed to start this adventure with some very special clients already under my belt planning dinner parties, a few Social events and even helping some decorate their homes for the Holidays!!! To find out more information or to talk to me about future Social Planning and Designing please email me at dixiechiconline@gmail.com. Please consider my Pinterest page pinterest.com/thedixiechic and my blog dixiechiconline.blogspot.com as your online source of information!

I will leave you today with one of my favorite quotes, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do!" Steve Jobs.


Dixie Chic