Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

Whew!! We made it!! Huge wonderful family meals, festive holiday parties, all the shopping (with only one "conversation" about how much money was being spent), the wrapping of gifts (don't ever buy Target wrapping paper - it's terribly thin), all the food, food, and more food...and enough mimosas and red wine to finish off a large bottle of ibuprofen from Sam's!! And, even though Christmas Day has come and gone, Darling Husband and I feel it was one of our best Christmas seasons ever!!

Just like preparing for a fantastic gourmet takes days to prepare and only about 45 minutes to inhale...I feel like the excitement of the arrival of Mr. Claus and "his gifts" on Christmas morning had the same effect!! It took weeks, if not months, to prepare and and only about 45 minutes for the excitement to wear off!! Which was good for Darling Husband and me...we were back off to bed for a long winter's nap (minus the kerchief...which acording to wikipedia, is a "small square piece of cloth tied around a women's head or neck for protective or decorative purposes"...ok) while the little elves played quietly with their new found treasures!!!

Speaking of elves...I was pleasantly surprised at how creative some Mom's (and even Dad's) were with their "Elf on the Shelf" this year. I saw different ideas daily on Pinterest (my new addiction!) and Facebook of the 6 inch tall, candy cane striped, stuffed doll strategically being laid out by their owners to see delight from their children each and every morning. No longer did Darling Husband and I get our morning hugs and was straight to find out where and what our little elf was up to during the middle of the night!!! Sometimes our elf was very adventurous and/or mischievous (usually after Mommy and Daddy had a few glasses of wine). And others, well, he just got thrown onto another lamp or the Christmas Tree while (I) dazedly walked to the Keurig early the next morning (this can also happen after Mommy and Daddy has had a few glasses of wine the night before!!!) Although the little elf is a cute holiday tradition, it is always nice when he catches a ride back to The North Pole on Santa's sleigh!! Until next year, Mr. Elf!!

Speaking of wine, we consumed quite a bit this holiday season (maybe that is why it was one of our best!!) and good wine, at that!! And, with wine comes food, and good food, too!! I love cooking during the Holidays, old (mostly from my mom) and new recipes, and the multi-day feast of cooking will continue in our house until after the New Year (and the NEW work-out program will start shortly after!!!)

Last year, someone gave our children an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas. This Christmas, it found it's way to THE TRASH CAN!! What a waste!! There is nothing "Easy" about it! I consider myself a pretty decent at-home chef who always has room for improvement. But, Darling Husband and I tried to "Bake" a stuffed pizza kit that "Santa" brought our kids yesterday afternoon and it completely fell apart and looked inedible!! How do you make a child-friendly, decent tasting pizza that comes out of a paper packet that says, "Just Add Water?" (Macaroni and Cheese I understand) We have only used that damn oven twice!! What was I thinking...that it made for good stocking stuffers? God Bless our troops that have to eat out of similar paper packets!!! In the trash!!!! No tears shed and our children will learn how to bake the real way!!!!

As I said, it was one of the best Christmas seasons for our family to date, including some of the best gifts we have ever given and received. Even the Dirty Santa Party we attended was amazing!!! But, besides celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the best gift to me, was the cherished time we spent with ALL of our wonderful family and friends!!! I truly hope yours was just as fabulous as ours!! Bring on 2012...and some more wine!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


Dixie Chic

Happy Holidaze!!!

Hey everyone!! After a little break from my blog, I decided on this rainy day, to check in. Wow!! I have an audience of 557 and all in the United States, Germany, China, Finland, Singapore and Canada!! I had no idea!!

I love reading blogs, but get a little bugged by one's that post everyday!! I mean...these people must only "blog" and nothing else!! Life, for me, just gets in the way...but in a good way!!

Life is good right now! After a crazy busy Fall, Darling Husband and I are ready for a nice holiday season!! And, for the first time EVER, I am almost done with all of my shopping!! So, feeling a little creative!!
In saying that, I have found a new interest...Pinterest!!! If you haven't discovered should!! I guess that is where my creativity has been living lately!! For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it is basically a social network of boards that contain everything that interests you!! Shopping, Design, Home Decor, Cooking, Books, Entertaining, Kids, Inspiration, Crafts, etc, etc, etc!!!! Check it out!!

Happy Pinning!!


Dixie Chic