Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guilty Summer Pleasure - The Bachelorette!

And, another one bites the dust! Goodbye Constatine! He was a favorite of mine, but maybe a little too good for Miss Ashley!

As far as Miss Ashley goes, she  is a cute girl, but not Chris Harrison's best pick for The Bachelorette!

Now, Darling Husband and I are not fan favorites of this show, but have picked it up this summer! I really prefer to watch it to see all the exotic destinations and creative dates that the producers come up with (hoping that Darling Husband with take note!) because, you know, those dates are so realistic - that is why it is called a reality show!!!

And, poor Ryan, can't take no for an answer! He just wants to be loved! I wonder who picked up that tab for his travels?

But, because of the Presidential Address on the Debt Issue (Circus!), our DVR missed taping the end. Was there a Rose Ceremony? Did the remaining two guys leave, leaving Ashley alone on the alter? Did Ryan try to creep back in again? Is Bentley back?

I guess DH and I will have to wait until next week to get answers to our guilty pleasure!


Dixie Chic

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