Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day!! Not a Shade of Grey!

What a glorious time of year to celebrate the people that I believe make the world go around...Mother's!!You know this if you are one, you know this if you have one! Mother's make it happen...and usually with a beautiful plumped up lip glossed smile on their face!

It's a great season to celebrate Mother's Day! Besides this day being in the month of May (which most of us know is a crazy, hectic month with all the end of the year parties and performances, not to mention all the end of the year gifts), Mother's Day, if one of our biggest supporters Mother Nature is on our side, is usually a fantastic beautiful sunny day! Whether you celebrate it with your family at church, at the country club, at a fantastic local restaurant (paired with a mimosa and a fabulous plate of crab cakes) at the beach (sorry "The Gulf") or the lake, make it a great day! It is the one day of the year that is all OURS! No one elses! We can (usually) make the husband do EVERYTHING we want and they better not complain!

But, if you are a mom like me who learned from a mom like mine, all you want for this one day is peace and happiness! That's it and maybe a kiss on the cheek followed by a crystal champagne flute filled with bubbly and freshly squeezed oj! And, of course my favorite, a cute homemade card from the kids! I remember one year I got a homemade flower vase (last minute styrofoam cup decorated with crayola markers) filled with flowers (maybe a few weeds) from our yard. It was perfect! It is really very simple for most moms like me! If we could only have Mother's Day everyday...yeah right!

And, if you are lucky enough to have a Darling Husband who likes to shower you with gifts to show his appreciation (in my case wrapped in the bag it came in...I'm not complaining), then take a few notes from me. It took Darling Husband a few years and a few failed attempts (once again with a beautiful plumped up lip glossed smile on my face) to realize that sometimes he just needs me to go pick out my gift myself! Not to mention, that sometimes it takes a real tear jearker of a Hallmark commercial to remind him that yes, Mother's Day is this weekend, as he turns to me, smiles and asks, "Have you bought your gift yet?" I kindly reply with that beautiful plumped up lip glossed smile on my face while batting my natural Latissed eye lashes at him, "Yes, Darling, I have!" Don't get me wrong, Darling Husband knows how to pick out a nice gift (he does read my blog) but sometimes he just needs a little extra push in this area!!

There are a few websites that make it very easy for these special occasions! One of my favorites as you all know They have devoted an entire Lookbook to our day which includes some of my favorite designers: Genetic Denim, Rag &Bone, Jenni Kayne, Gorjana, Foley + Corinna, Alexis Bittar to name a few. And, who would not spend a little extra time in car line to play on websites such as Lulu Lemon, Sephora, Revolve, Etsy and Pinterest for other great ideas for yourself, as well as, the important mother's in your life!!

Locally, you can't get any better than Debra's with adorable shorts from Alica & Olivia and amazing jewelry by New York designer Kara Ross with other creations by Beje!! East Bay Clothier's has a great assortment of summer denim by Notify and MiH and affordable cool tanks in an assortment of colors. JJ Eyes has been making their Mother's Day wish list for a month so we can all look amazing behind our cool new aviators!! Objects at The Eastern Shore Center has amazing picture frames and beach bags for your place at "The Gulf." Speaking of "The Gulf," have you checked out the newly expanded die for!! Lucca has some great trends for those hot summer concerts. And, anything at MII you can put straight on Darling Husband's credit card...hint hint!! Spa packages at The Grand and The Battle House or services at Clear MedSpa will suffice as well!! And, I hear there are a handfull of women that will sell you the Rodan and Field's Mother's Day Gift Bag. So, tell your husbands (or yourself) to get shopping!!

Oh I forgot one more thing!! Let's not forget, the one thing we all want in our beach bag but may not (or may!) be willing to admit to...the book Fifty Shades of Grey!! I have not gone there yet, but it is on the top of my summer reading list!! From what I hear, if you are too embarrassed to have it out by the pool, GET A NOOK! Does not matter if it is the black and white or color version...just saying!

So, whether your day is full of kisses and homemade cards or if it finds you in a new pair of shades or some sparkly earrings, may every other day, besides Mother's Day, be a shade of grey!!


Dixie Chic

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