Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What is Wrong with ME!!!!!

There is something weird going on with me! I don't quite get it. I CAN'T SLEEP!! I go to bed around 10:00 pm (after a glass or two of Pinot with Darling Husband) and then find myself WIDE (ASS) AWAKE around 3:30 or 4:00 am!!! Staring at the dark ceiling, listening to Darling Husband and Dog (I would call him "Damn Dog" but I am going to be nice!) as they harmoniously snore together, while the ceiling fan, which sounds like a small Cessna plane flying around, blows in the background!

It was, no doubt, an all too realistic dream that woke me up. I have had very realistic dreams all my life, (some good and some bad) but lately these dreams have stirred up my head like a blender mixing a very strong frozen Strawberry Margarita! Which I should be grateful for when it comes to creative writing...if I could only get my sleep deprived self out of the bed and get logged in during the wee hours of the morning! I love the creativity (and the escapism) of writing, but I can never seem to find the time lately, except when it is the most inconvenient time possible...WHILE I SHOULD BE SLEEPING!

So, why is it that I get my best ideas while I am bundled up in my amazing, one thousand thread count sheets next to my Darling Husband who hits REM sleep after 10 minutes of closing his eyes? Why do the words flow so easily before the rooster crows? I need my sleep! I am suppose to be sleeping through the night at this point in my life!!! I have children...very active children who are no longer babies...hence the reason I don't have time to scribble down my thoughts during the normal waking hours of the day. Why do I lie wide awake thinking, yet so comfortable and unable to get out of bed, hoping that for the 100th time I attempt to count cuddly little furry sheep, that for some ridiculous reason, it may work! Darling Husband is asleep...sound asleep. And, he admits he is Superman and does not require sleep (sometimes I just want to punch him!). And, finally I ask, why can't I be like a man and come up with some of my best ideas while having sex? Aren't we suppose to be thinking about each other during this time - WHATEVER!! I just don't get it!

What is my problem? I have nothing to be stressed about, nothing emotionally bothering me...my inner goddess is enjoying bliss right now! Some people say it is possibly the tannins in the wine...or so they like to believe! Could it be something I am eating (still no carbs in the diet...or at least not a lot). Maybe it is all the activities that have us going each day that my massive, genius brain can't take it all! Maybe that  inner goddess of mine is telling me I really don't need 8 to 9 hours of beauty sleep per night (I wish that were the case!). Are my dreams too real ...ummm...that would be nice in a few cases?! Or, maybe it's that we (I) just need to take a rest and slow down and start savoring this little thing we call "SUMMER!!" I mean really, where did June go?

Last summer was so easy. We didn't have much planned and it was easy...relaxing! This summer...WAY TOO BUSY!! And, I have missed my little blog! Darling Husband's suggestion, "Don't write such long posts, Honey." Well, sweety, that is not my style, that is for FACEBOOK!! And, it's not that I don't have anything to write (promote, boast or complain) about...this summer has been crazy fun with lots of items from the bucket list checked off (post about the later to come hopefully before the summer ends).

But, I love to write and have silently been writing for quiet some time. Some have recently suggested (thank you for your insightful words and emails - please keep them coming) that I write a book or start a column. God knows I have enough material within our little slice of life for several volumes (and it would not be about all of my delicious Snapper recipes!!). However, the stats of my little blog amaze me every time I check in! Research shows that most people who start a blog only last 3 months until they get bored! I only post about every three months, so there is no boredom here!! There are thousands of blogs on entertaining, decorating, cooking, fashion, etc, etc, etc. and they are fantastic! But, I hope to give you something a little different (besides the ranting of my sleeping habits) and hopefully a little more often, that will maybe make you smile a little. Thanks to all my readers (some from far off places) and I guess to my sleepless nights for all the ideas I now have cuddled up in that massive, genius brain of mine!!

Headed out to grab some Melatonin!!


Dixie Chic

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