Monday, June 6, 2011

The beginning of my summer on "The Gulf"

Yeah!! Summer on Mobile Bay!!

Weekends on "The Gulf" boating around from island to island, fishing trips without oil spills, mornings/afternoons at the place of your choice (Mobile/Heron Lakes Country Club, The Grand or The Colony), adorable ruffled bikinis, flirty summer dresses and short shorts, heirloom tomatoes, fried chicken and okra (but not too much so that you can't fit into your short shorts), fun play lists that include everything from Zac Brown Band to a little Katy Perry but so over Lady GaGa, concerts at The Wharf, crisp white wines and Skinny Girl Margaritas, Keratin treatments/Brazililan Blowouts (minus the formaldehyde), and so on!!! I love summer!!

As you can see, I started that last sentence with "Weekends on the Gulf". I quickly learned after moving to "The Gulf" area that "the beach" is no longer called "the beach." It is Mobile Bay proper to call it "The Gulf!" I did not grow up on "The Gulf" except for a few weeks in the summer with my family, so all us other Alabamians called it "the beach."
My years as a sorority girl at The University of Alabama, my Mobile and "Over the Bay" girlfriends (that's a whole other post to come soon) always said they were spending their summers at "The Gulf". And, I have also capitalized it as if it is a proper name. Because, after all, it is "The Gulf of Mexico" in which you could probably "check in" to on Facebook!!

So, here's to a wonderful and exciting new summer on "The Gulf!"


Dixie Chic

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