Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Local Summer Produce!!

Bring it on!! The table, that is!!

There is nothing like fresh southern fruit and veggies from your favorite local produce stand!! Mine include Hazel's on Hwy 98 and Allegri on Cty Rd 64. I love shopping at produce stands and so do my children! I have never seen prettier okra just waiting to be fried!!!!

Mornings include fresh peaches with milk, tomato sandwiches for lunch and some sort of fresh vegetable/salad with a piece of fish for dinner!! And, of course, homemade peach ice cream for dessert topped with blueberries! Let's not forget the wine - a really cold Pinot Grigio!!

My husband and I made a great pasta dish this past weekend with fresh, right off of the boat Red Snapper. It was basically cooked whole wheat pasta drizzled with olive oil, we choose spaghetti, mixed with fresh white corn kernals, cherry tomaotes, cooked purple hull peas, a ton of fresh herbs and topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese (fresh parmesan cheese is SO much better that the kind you buy in the tub!!!) Speaking of herbs, my herb garden is out of control right now!! It's ridiculous! I need to bag it up and sell it at the Windmill Market. We added chopped mint, basil, chives and parsley!!!! Then topped it off with pan seared Red Snapper that was marinated in olive oil, orange juice and salt and pepper. It was delicious!

Oh, if you have time, fried okra pairs great as a side (and it is yummy to munch on while you are cooking)!

Have fun shopping and cooking!! And, most of all eating!!


Dixie Chic

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