Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Pop-Up Thunderstorms and Tornado Relief"

It’s that time of year again! Afternoon, pop-up thunderstorms! It’s steamy hot during the day, then along comes a nice afternoon shower, making it quite nice to sit on your back porch in time for a glass of wine!
Yep! It’s June! And, we (or should I say my yard) needs the rain! Although sometimes it can be a little bit of an inconvenience, for instance, if you just arrived at the pool with the kiddos (all lathered up in sunscreen, of course, still using the spray), if you are out on a joy ride in the boat or running by the bay or in Springhill, if your kids are at sailing, golf or tennis camp or the ballpark (is baseball still going on?). But, the good news is, these pop-up thunderstorms only last around 20-30 minutes!!! Leaving us with a little bit of a cooler, steamy evening!! That’s when the glass of vino kicks in!
Fortunately for our little area, these are simply that – a thunderstorm. But, last week when the wind was blowing a little bit more sideways than usual, I was reminded about our friends in Tuscaloosa!! My poor college town! It brings a tear to my eye to view the damage in pictures, and to think about visiting the area I once called my beloved sweet home for four years, is unbearable.  
The concern about the destruction, the clean-up, the rebuilding of not just the homes and buildings, but the hope of the people who lost everything including loved ones, is simply heartbreaking!! We know a little about that down here during Hurricane season! But, another question on everyone’s mind is, is it going to be ready by football season - a mere 82 days away? Yes, that is a little selfish to ask, but this is the SEC!
There are some amazing organizations that went to work immediately after these mean wind tunnels hit Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and the surrounding areas that are making a huge difference:  Alabama Forever, T-Town Never Down, Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa (very cool of Auburn fans to do this!). Check them out if you haven’t already and do what you can to help!! You never know when we may need their help down here again! Roll Tide...(and War Eagle)!
So, enjoy the showers, the cooling off and most of all that glass of wine!!!
Dixie Chic

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