Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TJ tips!!

Good morning!!! So, yesterday while the kids were otherwise occupied with a summer activity, I made a quick trip down to TJ Maxx in Daphne. TJ Maxx to me is always a hit or miss. Sometimes I leave with nothing and other times, when I go in just looking for something like a new workout shirt, I leave with a basket full ($200 later)!! I have this problem at Target and Sephora, too!!! I try to go to these places when I have a very small window to "play", but it never works out for me. My wallet always wins!

So check out what was a Hit on my list!!


Dixie Chic

Donna Dixon Bags - Regular Price $100
TJ Price - $29.99

They had about 6 in different colors!!

Ran through the back real quick, looking for a pepper grinder, and saw these adorable fish bowls! If only I had a beach place on "The Gulf!" Someone must go get these!! And, let me know if you see a pepper grinder - no luck this trip!

May have to go back and get this one for a friend!

Ran quickly into Pier 1 on the way back to rescue the babysitter. I have been looking at this lamp for about 6 months. And, it just so happened it was on SALE!!! Regular Price $125 - Sale Price $99 and yes, it made it's way to my car!!!! Only one left!!

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