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It is the second week of summer and I am already looking for more to do. I have only been home for 2 days from my little vacation to my hometown and the kids and I are going stir crazy! There aren't enough popsicles or little summer camps to treat the heat outside right now! 

So, why not start a blog! Because everyone is doing it (I believe I used to tell my parents that when I was a teenager and I am sure that will come back to haunt me one day...with my youngest child!) But, it gives me an excuse to bring the kids inside, out of the summer sun, sit them down with a craft (or maybe a little tv) and let my conscience do the typing.

I am an outsider, to some extent, to my new hometown on Mobile Bay, Alabama. Not an outsider like some would call it in High School, but I like to call it an outsider looking in! I am originally from a more metropolitan area and moving down to Mobile Bay many years ago, was a little daunting to say the least! Most would consider me a local now, which I would agree, but it did take me a few years to appreciate this little slice of heaven! So, this little blog I hope to continue everyday do to my patience of my precious children, can maybe tell you a little about what I have discovered and are still discovering about this most unique area. what to talk (type) about?

Last summer I was obsessed with cooking and wanted to start a blog on cooking. That did not happen. I gained 5 lbs and the kids, well, to put it nicely, always confiscated my computer when I sat down to write!! Soon, I will have an iPad all to myself!!!

Then I thought about starting one on shopping and fashion - my other obsession!!! Well, that, as always, put me in the poor house!

I also love interior design, reading, exercising (to curb my cooking obsession), traveling, lunches and GNO with my gals, and of course spending time with my sweet little family!!

So, I hope to bring to you my little version of what I believe are fun happenings, fabulous finds, hilarious stories with maybe a little gossip, and most of all everything I find a little bit interesting on Mobile Bay and possibly some of my travels away!

For any local businesses, if you have any great deals or services, let me know and I will try to promote it!!! If you are a follower and see something interesting in the area or would like to learn more on a specific topic, let me know!!

So, stay tunned! It is ten o'clock on a beautiful Saturday morning and I gotta head to "The Gulf!!"


Dixie Chic

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